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The LG GH24NSD1 offers 24x DVD-R writing and 48x CD-R writing. Internal 5.25in form factor, SATA, OEM, backed by a 2 year LG warranty. 


"consumer Freesync 21.5"" 16:9,ips,1920x1080,5ms,75hz,16.7m,200nits,vgax1,hdmix1,tilt,vesa75x75,3yr Wty"


LG 24MK430H-B 23.8in Full HD IPS FreeSync Monitor

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"commercial 23.8"" 16:9,ips,1920x1080,5ms,75hz,16.7m,250nits,hdmi,dp,tilt,swiv,has,spk(2x1.2w),usb2.0,vesa100x100,5yr Wty"

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LG 27MK430H-B 27in Full HD IPS FreeSync Monitor


LG 24BK550Y-B 24in Full HD IPS Monitor

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LG 24GL600F-B 24in 1920x1080 TN 144Hz 1ms FreeSync Gaming Monitor


"24"",tn,144hz,1ms,16:9,1920x1080,1000:1,16.7m Colous,2xhdmi,1xdp,vesa,3yrs Warranty"

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"24"" Ips B2b Monitor With Slim Bezel And Usb-c Charge/video/data - 45w"


LG 27GL650-B 27in 1920x1080 144Hz 1ms IPS HDR G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor


"gaming Freesync 32"" 16:9,va,2560x1440,5ms,144hz,16.7m,350nits,hdmix2,dp(1.2)x1,tilt,swiv,has,3yr Wty"

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"ultragear Gsync Hdr10 27"" 16:9,nano Ips,1920x1080,1ms,240hz,16.7m,400nits,hdmi(2.0)x2,dpx1,tilt,pivot,has,usb3.0x2,vesa100x100,3yr Wty"

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"gaming Freesync2 Hdr400 31.5"" 16:9,va,2560x1440,1ms,144hz,16.7m,400nits,hdmi(2.0)x2,dpx1,tilt,swiv,has,usb3.0,vesa100x100,3yr Wty"

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"ultragear Gsync-c Hdr10 34"" 21:9,ips(1900r),2560x1080,1ms,144hz,16.7m,300nits,hdmi(2.0)x2,dpx1,tilt,swiv,has,usb3.0,3yr Wty"

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"ultragear Freesync Hdr10 27"" 16:9,ips,2560x1440,1ms,144hz,1.07b,350nits,hdmi(2.0)x2,dpx1,tilt,swiv,has,usb3.0,vesa100x100,3yr Wty"

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"ultragear Gsync Hdr400 34"" 21:9,nano Ips,3440x1440,1ms,144hz (oc 165hz),1.07b,400nits,hdmi(2.0)x2,dpx1,tilt,usb3.0x2,vesa100x100,3yr Wty"

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"ultraw Freesync Hdr10 49"" 32:9,ips(3800r),5120x1440,5ms,60hz,1.07b,350nits,hdmi(2.0)x2,dpx1,tilt,swiv,has,spk(2x10w),usb3.0,type-c,vesa100x100,3yr Wty"

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"ultragear Gsync-c Hdr400 37.5"" 21:9,ips,3840x1600,1ms,144hz Oc 175hz,1.07b,450nits,hdmi(2.0)x2,dpx1,tilt,swiv,has,usb3.0,3yr Wty"

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