SteelSeries FREE Laptop Wireless Controller MultiPlatform Bluetooth Gamepad


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SteelSeries FREE Laptop Wireless Controller MultiPlatform Bluetooth Gamepad


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The FREE Mobile Gaming Controller is the worlds lightest- wireless gaming controller that brings the functionality of a classic controller to your Smartphone and tablet devices. The FREE is designed for video games that require players to have more precision and control than onscreen touch controls may offer (ex. Angry Birds is made for swiping- but for games like GrandTheftAuto III- Shadowgun and RipTide- a controller will give players a better- more controlled experience).

For PC and Mac users- the FREE provides controller functionality on all games titles that allow for controller functionality. For Android devices and iDevices such as iPod Touch- iPhone- and iPad- the FREE can be used with a roster of classic video game titles. The FREE was created to give consumers a better experience when playing their favourite video games on a mobile device. The set-up process is easy. Users simply turn it on- pair it with their mobile device and play. In true SteelSeries fashion- they have also provided users with SteelSeries Engine software- which gives users the option to remap the buttons and configure the controller to their liking.


* Wireless controller via Bluetooth technology.
* Cross platform compatibility with PC- Mac- Android and iDevices.
* Remap all 12 buttons via SteelSeries Engine.
* Light indicators for pairing and switching between multiple device platforms.
* Rechargeable battery with an estimated 10 hrs of continuous- wireless play time.
* Auto power save will turn off the controller after more than 3 mins of being idle.
* Mini USB to USB cable will charge the FREE in less than 2 hours.
* Mini USB to USB cable allows for charge and play functionality.
* Controller will work up to 20 feet away from your computer or device.
* FREE App for mobile devices with direct access to SteelSeries Engine support.

Classic Controller Layout:

- Two joysticks.
- One Dpad.
- Two trigger buttons.
- Four button layout.
- Select & start buttons.

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